Car & Vehicle Maintenance in Delhi

Innovator’s Desk

Fine Auto Electric Works has been dedicated to providing friendly expert and above all honest automotive repair and service to India for the last 35 years.

JS Design aims  to contribute to the creation of Innovation oriented Indian society. The aim is to develop new solutions that elevate the quality of life for every Indian by utilizing the new knowledge created.

As future economic, financial & social paradigms evolve, the JS Design is gearing up to new challenges & exploiting vibrant possibilities for growth through single-minded focus on innovation.

For the very same reason, we have come up with an innovation factory in the facility, whose main function is to inculcate the capability of innovation in the working staff as well as the self-motivated engineering students.

The Innovation Factory is a distinctive offering of JS Design. It is a place where students together with their peers from the industry solve the most-pressing challenges of the industry as well as society

The Innovation Factory is a platform for project-based learning. Besides honing their skills and knowledge in an applied scenario, students acquire several key proficiencies like project management, leadership and team skills. Above all they enjoy the thrill of being part of a real-world project which is very likely to end up in the market.

Depending upon the idea, categorizing its impact for the future, projects are frequently sponsored by the firm. The student who come up with such brilliant innovations are offered collaborations and other remunerations as well.

Student’s Chapter