Automobile Scanning and Car Service Centres in Delhi


Intensify the beauty of the machine while retaining the basic styling and platform of the car.

At JS Design, we stock a wide range of aftermarket body kits designed to work on a variety of make and model-specific vehicles, and provide custom body kits as well that are made according to customer demands, when late model coupes and sedans are adapted for racing, they’re usually found to be lacking in the downforce needed to keep the tires firmly planted on the tarmac, for maximum power delivery, and precise steering and braking.

Runway Friction Testing/ Army Amphibians Maintainance

We are authorised company in India for runway friction testing. We do frequent runway friction testing for airports in india. We use SAAB cars which are specially designed for the purpose

Scanning & Programming

It refers to the act of improving the performance of car with the help of high quality tools.

Convertible Hood Repairing & Hood Cloth Replacement

Hoods Repairing and hood cloth replacing of convertible cars are done at our site.

Modified Cars for Differently Abled

We are specialised in customising cars for disabled people which makes it easier for them to travel.

Exhaust Tuning

JS Design specialises in giving the automobiles the exhaust note, their owners wish for. We give you plenty of sound options to choose from.

Car Modification

Get your regular car transformed into a speed devil or a luxury salon. All kinds of modifications are done according to customers desires.

ECU Remapping

Unleash the hidden power of your engine, we  help you get the biggest performance gain by upto +40% and improved drivability in a vehicle without altering any exterior components or the need of performance parts.